Quantity Surveying


J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd offers professional and independent cost and contract engineering advice on a wide range of building projects.


We provide advice at every stage of the development & construction to developers, building owners, investors, financial institutions, architects, engineers and project managers.


We are dedicated to providing construction and contractual cost advice in order to achieve the best possible balance of time, cost and quality. We assist clients to maximise the return on their investment, manage their risk and receive optimal value for money.


Specialist quantity surveying, cost and contract-engineering services include:


  • Construction cost estimates
  • Project feasibility estimates
  • Life-cycle costing
  • Construction cost verification reports
  • Construction cost to complete reports
  • Construction cost plans and cost controls
  • Evaluation of designs to ensure conformity with budgets, including advice on alternative forms of construction
  • Advising on contractual procurement methods
  • Preparation of tender/bid documents including bill of quantities and schedule of rates
  • Contract documentation
  • Tender/bid evaluation, negotiations with builder/contractor and recommendations on award of contracts
  • Assessment of contract variations and claims
  • Evaluation of works completed for progress payments, variations, claims and final accounts
  • Insurance replacement cost estimates
  • Project audits
  • Free advice on the price of the property you intend on buying
  • Assistance and guidance to owner builders
  • Property tax depreciation


Quantity Surveying covers a range of project types including:


  • Offices and commercial premises
  • Shopping centres and retail facilities
  • Industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Hotels and hospitality facilities
  • Serviced apartments
  • Student accommodation
  • Health, medical and child care centres
  • Aged care facilities and retirement villages
  • Residential buildings, multi-unit developments & prestige housing
  • Corporate and bank fit-outs
  • Car parks


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Project Management


In the business world, projects are the essence of improvement and progress. They require a large investment in time, money and effort, but can bring significant returns.


We at J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd recognise the importance of Projects and our Project Management Team offers a range of services designed to support our clients in the management of projects, which is most valuable to any entity. Without a Project, an entity will not change and without a change, an entity will not advance.


We offer efficient and effective professional management at every stage. Our focus is on providing a service to our clients which adds significant value to the project.


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Tax Depreciation


Our Tax Depreciation Reports provide specialist advice for owners and investors to maximise the Tax Returns of income producing properties.


As per requirement withing the Tax Agent Service Act 2009, J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd are registered Tax Agents. Our Tax Agent number is 24693249.


At J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd we have developed the necessary combination of skills by blending technical quantity surveying expertise with financial expertise, which brings in comprehensive knowledge of the Income Tax Assessment Act, rulings, determinations and tax cases.


Our tax specialists will provide you with expert advice and a certified independent report, enabling you to maximise your investment property's earning potential. Our prices are very competitive and there is no upfront fee. You pay only after you receive the report. The report complies with stringent Australian Taxation Office requirements.


J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd Tax Depreciation Schedules:


  • Are 100% tax deductible
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Uses the most updated Taxation Ruling
  • Can be updated easily if you make changes or additions to your property
  • Are prepared by Quantity Surveyors
  • Include both methods of depreciation - the Prime Cost method and the Diminishing Value method for you to choose from
  • Are easy to read and understand


We also provide indicative tax depreciation estimates to developers and project marketing agents to assist them throughout the selling stage of a project.


Specialist tax depreciation services include:


  • Indicative tax depreciation estimates
  • Detailed and certified independent tax depreciation and building allowance reports for new and existing properties
  • Depreciation entitlements for ongoing refurbishment expenditure
  • Assist developers & project marketing agents in utilising tax entitlements as a major part of their marketing strategy
  • Tax depreciation and building allowance advice
  • Site Inspection where necessary


***Important changes to the Fixtures & Furniture Component - Division 40***

According to the Treasury Law Amendment (Housing Tax Integrity) Bill 2017, the Division 40 rules are not applicable for properties acquired after 10th May 2017. Therefore, the existing assets of the property will be considered as second hand assets and they are not assessed as depreciable items.


Tax Depreciation Authority Form (PDF) or Tax Depreciation Online submission


Our latest tax schedules (PDF)


ATO current effective life schedules


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Cost Planning


It is of fundamental importance to know the best estimate of your project.


We pride ourselves in the array of advisory services and accurate costing that we provide that would really make a huge difference to our client.


Our extensive knowledge and experience in the building industry have made us experts in cost planning.


We believe in a client-focused approach to our consultancy service. We work closely with our clients to ensure their best interests are maintained throughout the project and our commission.


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  • 2018 J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd     ACN: 122 984 098     ABN: 80 122 984 098     Locations: VIC | NSW | QLD | WA


  • 2018 J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd     ACN: 122 984 098     ABN: 80 122 984 098


Locations: VIC | NSW | QLD | WA

J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd

  • 2018 J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd


Locations: VIC | NSW | QLD | WA

ACN: 122 984 098  ABN: 80 122 984 098

  • 2018 J A Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd

ACN: 122 984 098  ABN: 80 122 984 098


Locations: VIC | NSW | QLD | WA